License To Carry (LTC) &

Constitutional Carry Class

San Antonio Concealed Handgun offers training for your Texas concealed carry license. Our instructors are NRA Certified Pistol Instructors.

Carry your handgun without fear of breaking the law! Understanding where you legally can carry and when you can justifiably use deadly force.

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Our License To Carry (LTC) exceeds the training requirements to get your Texas LTC. This class covers the Texas Penal Code on Force and Deadly Force as well as where you can and can not carry. It is a 5 hour class conducted at our facilities in San Antonio and we teach every Saturday from 8-1pm. We are the only 1 stop shop in the area with fingerprints, range and classroom all done at the same location.

Constitutional Carry goes into effect on 1 September 2021, which means you will be able to carry your handgun without a license in most places. There are eligibility requirements, places that are still restricted and business owners can still prevent you from carrying. If you are wanting information on the Texas laws on the use of force and deadly force as well as where you can and can not carry we encourage you to attend our License To Carry class for that knowledge. The cost is reduced for those not getting an LTC but the information and class are the same. If at the end of the class you decide that you want to get your LTC you will just need to pay the difference for your State Certificate of Training LTC-100 form.



Our instructors are Texas DPS Certified along with certifications from the NRA & USCCA.



We are the largest training school in South Texas! Having been in business since 2005 we have taught over 47,000 Texans in our carry classes.


Everything is done at our facility! Classroom instruction, range qualification & fingerprints all the same day.



Josh has been a firearms instructor since leaving the Army in 2005 and has become one of the most recognized instructors in the state of Texas for LTC. He has personally taught over 35,000 Texans and is considered a subject matter expert in his field. In 2012 after the Sandy Hook massacre he offered his classes for free to teachers in Texas and received international publicity for such including being interviewed on the Glen Beck show. He loves teaching and does so with a passion.

  • Founder of LoneStar Handgun
  • 9 year US Army Infantry Veteran, including OIF1
  • Father of 3 boys, married for 24 years
  • MBA
  • Certifications- Texas LTC, TX PSB Level 3 Security, NRA Pistol & Range, USCCA Home Defense, Bexar County Expert Witness in Deadly Force

Ready to get your LTC?

Seats are limited!

Class Pricing 

Constitutional Carry

$150 Value for $25

  • Classroom instruction on the Texas Penal Code on Force & Deadly Force
  • Shooting Qualification
  • Meets training requirements for LTC

Change your mind? You can upgrade to your LTC at any time the day of the class.

License To Carry

$175 Value for $90

  • Classroom instruction on the Texas Penal Code on Force & Deadly Force
  • Shooting Qualification
  • LTC-100 Certificate of Training for LTC
  • Fingerprints completed during class
  • Carry in additional places that are restricted under Constitutional Carry

Ultimate LTC Class

$375 Value for $250

  • Everything the regular LTC offers but class is limited to 5 students only.
  • Additional handgun training with skill development live fire exercises
  • Lunch provided
  • Bonus: Digital course download ($25 Value)

Online LTC Instruction & Range Qualification

The online class can be done at your pace from either a computer or from your smart phone. Once completed you will be issued a LTC-101 training certificate from your training school that you will bring with you for the range portion of the class. The state mandates 1-2 hours of classroom time along with the range qualification. You will start the class along with the other students at 8am and you should be finished around 9:30am after the qualification. If you would like, you can sit in on the rest of the class that covers the Texas Penal code, signage and where you can carry which generally concludes by 1pm.

If you haven't decided on an online training school we recommend .

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Eligible for an LTC?

  • You must be 21 (18 for Military & Veterans) years of age when DPS receives the full application.   
  • If you are a citizen of another country you must have a resident visa.
  • If you have a Felony conviction with deferred adjudication must wait 10 years to apply unless the charge is for offenses against people, which includes homicide, kidnapping, restraint, human trafficking, sex offenses and assaults or Robbery.
  • You may NOT have been convicted of a Class A or B misdemeanor within the last 5 years. 
  • You may not be currently under a court protective order or subject to a restraining order affecting the spousal relationship, other than a restraining order solely affecting property interest.   
  • You cannot have been convicted twice within the last 10 years for any Class B misdemeanor, or greater, involving the use of alcohol or a controlled substance.   
  • You cannot be a fugitive from justice; a chemically dependent person; or a person of unsound mind.
  • You are eligible to own firearms under state and federal law.  

What are the Advantages to an LTC vs Constitutional Carry?

  • Reciprocity with other states
  • Federal Gun Free Zones
  • Bypass NICS Background Check, no delay
  • Under 21 and in the Military or Veteran
  • School District Employee in School Parking Lot
  • Carry in Open Meetings of Governmental Entities
  • Campus Carry at State sponsored College or University
  • More education on the Texas Penal Code

Do I need to own a gun to take the class?

Nope! If you don't have a handgun we have plenty of rentals to choose from. We even sell firearms & ammunition.

I don't have much experience with a handgun?

Great, that means you haven't developed bad habits! We offer beginner classes or private training classes to help you. Or sign up for the Ultimate LTC class that will have additional handgun training.

Where is the class held?

Class is at our range facility, LoneStar Handgun Shooting Range, near the intersection of I-10 & 1604 in San Antonio. Class is taught most Saturday's from 8-1pm.

Why take a class with Constitutional Carry?

Constitutional carry allows you to carry a handgun without a license, which is great! But knowledge on the Texas Penal Code and where you can carry is necessary to remain legal. Nothing beats interacting with a Subject Matter Expert on these laws versus what you might get in a internet forum.